Hamurana Lodge



At Sanctuary Spa, spa experiences are heightened with a range of Signature treatments:




Ma-uri Bodywork is a dynamic application of Movement, Touch and Rhythm.The Therapist massages with pre-heated oil (mainly with the lower arm), creating a continuous flow to cleanse, vitalize and activate inner healing properties, memories and wisdom as held within the body. Based on traditional Hawaiian Ka-huna healing, it is more than just a physical massage. Massage happens to Hawaiian, Polynesian and Maori music, offering a piece from ancient traditional healing.


60 minutes - $180
90 minutes - $220




Why not to enjoy massage when you are expecting a baby?A shiatsu session helps you to create the time and space to build an intimate and deep connection with your baby, and at the same time it reses your own awareness.


Shiatsu re-balances your energies and helps your body to adopt to the changings it is going through. The treatment is adapted specifically to the mother's needs and special cushions are used to ensure absolute comfort and support.


30 minutes - $110
60 minutes - $180
90 minutes - $220


For reservations or inquiries regarding any of the services offered by Hamurana Lodge Boutique Hotel Accommodation contact us at : +64 7 332 2222 or by e-mail at info@hamuranalodge.com.